MOTORPARK is a vehicle..... a hub, 
a gathering place on wheels.

Started in 2012 by Kim Charles Kay and Lisi Raskin, MOTORPARK has shifted from the efforts to transform a 1996 Blue-Bird school bus into - an open platform mobile project. Now with Kay at the helm and a growing list of conspirators and collaborators a-like Kay is turning a truck into a ship//a trailer into a campsite. The base of this special trailer affectionately know as: TSA (aka:Tongue Seeks(ing) Ball) is a 1966 utility truck-bed welded to a trailer frame. 

During the summer of 2015 in conjunction with the group show Food Shelter Clothing at Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft Tongue Seeks(ing) Ball  hitched a few rides throughout Kentucky and the metro Louisville area. 

Please don't be shy and let us know if you have a ball we can use and stayed tuned to see where we are parked or pulled to next.